Is Your CRM Getting in the Way of Great Customer Service?

customer service manager smiling at workstation


In the age of the consumer, the pursuit of CRM technology that “does it all” can result in implementing a system that is overly cumbersome for agents. When CRM systems require agents to spend more mental power managing the technology instead of focusing on the consumer, they can’t provide consistently great experiences. A more customer-oriented CRM strategy is needed.

Following are three ways Astute ePowerCenter can keep your agents focused on the consumer, not the technology.

1. ESP

Consumer interaction on any communication channel is sure to do one thing: increase over time. Your agents are better prepared for increased volume and the occasional spike with technology that guides their conversations, instead of interrupts them. ePowerCenter has ESP, which feeds insight live within the context of the agent-consumer interaction. Visually, it’s contained within one section of the overall interface, instead of acting as an interruption or pop-up window that needs to be resolved and closed before moving forward. This helps agents have smooth, informed conversations without the start-stop technology quirks. Agent ease-of-use is a core component of any great CRM strategy

2. Agent Assist

Almost every consumer has heard a variation of “Hold on, I have to switch over to a different program to get that information for you.” Therefore, your CRM strategy should seek to eliminate these instances as much as possible. While ESP is a continuous feed of insightful information within the context of the conversation, Agent Assist within ePowerCenter offers a solution for the questions that require the agent search for an answer. Patented natural language processing technology makes Agent Assist efficient in providing direct, relevant and accurate information based on the question asked, versus just word-match FAQ capabilities. Like ESP, it is contained within one part of the interface for easy use.

3. Dynamic Fields

When your agents have to think too hard or cram their memory with certain keystrokes and entry fields within your CRM software, you eventually get diminishing returns. Calls take longer, errors are made, and consumers become unhappy with their experiences. Any great CRM strategy should call for streamlining case management processes. ePowerCenter can change fields dynamically depending on the direction of the agent-consumer interaction, so the technology does the thinking and adjusting of the fields while the agent focuses on the consumer. For example, in the event of a recall, the system automatically changes fields and recommends solutions so agents don’t have to guess their way through a conversation.

Implementing CRM software that can deliver these unique features can set all of your agents up for successful customer interactions—whether it’s their first day on the floor or they have years of experience. Request a demo with Astute Solutions to see how ePowerCenter can enhance your CRM strategy and allow your brand to focus on what matters: the consumer.