Social and CRM: Build a Two-Way Street

consumers using social and mobile to engage with brands

Ever had to turn around on a one-way street? You can’t just pull in and turn the other way. Ever had to make three rights, just to turn left? Although seemingly great for traffic flow, one-way streets can, at times, be very inefficient, cause confusion, and quite honestly make you get lost.  Much in the same way, a one-way integration for Social and the CRM can lead to inefficiency, frustration and data loss.

Most social management tools enable some type of integration to a CRM. It is admittedly important to get data from the social tool into the CRM. This allows agents to work in the platform they are familiar with, while also providing a single source for all interactions to be recorded and reported on. But, what next?

In most circumstances, agents are left with complex ways of responding back to the consumer. This takes time and adds cumbersome steps for an agent who is there to talk to consumers, not log into five platforms, track an interaction in four places and then appropriately respond. This one-way street leads to inefficiency, missed opportunities, and, in the worst scenarios, public mistakes on social media platforms.

The best social management tools enable bi-directional communication. By building a two-way street, communication seamlessly flows in and out of the CRM without making the agent change platforms. This keeps agents focused on what they do best: talking to consumers. Even better, they can do more of it. Bi-directional integration increases efficiency by up to 60 percent. It even helps protect your brand. There is no longer a potential loss of data, as all communication is automatically tracked in the CRM. No more cutting a response and pasting it to a case for the agent.

So build a two-way street, you have the space for traffic to flow in both directions. Don’t make your agents go to streets they don’t know and have never been on to reply to consumers. Enable them to get where they want to go and in the most efficient way possible.