Aer Lingus

Smart travelers get smart service with Aer Lingus and Astute.

The Challenge

Becoming more proactive in consumer experience

In the early 2000’s, Aer Lingus realized that they had outgrown their internal CRM system and was determined to find software that would allow them to be more proactive in the consumer experience. The Aer Lingus team in North America, though relatively small, had a wide scope of responsibility in guest relations, the call center, and online sales.

Their need was clear: a CRM system that integrated all customer interactions into one platform, providing agents with a complete customer history and eliminating the need for customers to repeat their issues. Simplicity and flexibility needed to be key features of the system as well, with the ever-changing airline industry and Aer Lingus operating across eight time zones.

The Solution

Arriving at first class guest service

Aer Lingus North America found the software that best met its needs, selecting Astute Agent™ (formerly ePowerCenter™) and Astute KnowledgeTM.

The combination of value for the price with the ease and simplicity of integration into their system won Aer Lingus over. Rather than forcing Aer Lingus to adapt to the products, the Astute products adapted to Aer Lingus. The knowledgebase equips employees with the correct answers to every situation. If they receive a new inbound question, the answer can easily be added into the system for future cases.

In 2015, the airline was looking to expand their technology into more areas of the business. Not wanting to just assume that Astute Solutions was still their best option, they re-evaluated software offerings in the market.

After reviewing all of the systems, Aer Lingus VP Jack Foley concluded: “Astute products again came out front and center in terms of value, price, as well as support systems.”

The Results

Guest experience takes off while costs are descending

Aer Lingus has seen their guest service experience improve while overall resource and distribution costs have fallen. Their upgraded system has resulted in improved productivity and a reduction in customer service call time by nearly 35%.


Aer Lingus has a newfound ability to focus the distribution channels of guest communications, being able to complete the interaction within the initial channel or connect them via other channels without losing information and, in turn, provide a better customer experience.

Aer Lingus has expanded their digital presence with the use of Astute Knowledge, making it possible for agents to flow calls back and forth between North America and UK. The products equip agents with consistent information, regardless of where the customer is calling from. The improvement in efficiency within the airline has been contagious, as Aer Lingus was named Ireland’s most punctual airline of 2016 and ranked 4th for most punctual airline for flights landing in the UK.

About Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is the national airline of Ireland, operating 63 aircraft on routes to destinations in the UK, Europe, and North America, carrying 12 million guests annually. As Ireland’s only 4-Star airline, its mission is to connect Ireland to the world and to become the leading value carrier operating across the North Atlantic. Its guests can choose from over 100 routes in Europe and 11 North American destinations with more than 100 onward connections across the U.S and Canada, available with its partner airlines. Aer Lingus is also a member of International Airlines Group (IAG), one of the world’s largest airline groups.

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