Famous Brands International

Famous Brands International finds sweet success with Astute's case management CRM.

Mrs. Fields Cookies

The Challenge

Managing consumer cases with inefficient tools

The customer service team at Famous Brands International, owners of iconic brands Mrs. Fields and TCBY, was struggling to manage customer and franchisee contacts using a complex system of spreadsheets and filing. Data collection was cumbersome and time-consuming, and took agents’ focus away from the true goal: delivering world-class service.

Based on a recommendation from an executive who had used Astute at a previous company, in 2005 the Famous Brands team selected Astute’s case management CRM to manage customer contacts more efficiently. Since then, the teams at Famous Brands and Astute have worked closely to drive continued value from the solution and adjust as the business has evolved.

The Solution

Robust, configurable case management

Instead of using multiple spreadsheets to track and manage customer and franchisee data, Famous Brands now uses a single system for all case management tasks, including:

  • Storing key customer and franchisee information
  • Tracking and resolving incoming complaints, questions, suggestions, and compliments
  • Generating e-mail and letter templates to respond to customers and franchisees
  • Keeping track of gift cards issued from the customer service team
  • Running reports that are distributed across the organization to help make decisions and address any ongoing issues
  • Storing details about franchise stores (franchise owners, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, POS systems, etc.) to identify customers who may be goodwill abusers

Using the right tool for the job has enabled Famous Brands to accomplish more in less time. The comprehensive functionality of the system ensures they can manage every aspect of customer and franchisee relationships in one interface. And the fact that it’s easy for business users to configure means that the Famous Brands team can be more self-reliant.

“Astute’s platform is very useful for our business, as it allows us to customize it specifically for our needs. It enables us to add or remove fields easily, create automatic notifications, generate reports at any given time – all without needing to rely on Astute or our IT Department to do it for us.”
-Robert Schicker, Retail Customer Service/Navigator

The Results

Efficiency and scalability for future growth

Using Astute’s CRM, Famous Brands is able to resolve customer and franchisee cases much more efficiently, reducing the amount of time and resources needed by 75%.

In the long run, as the company looks to drive steady growth in the business – opening new stores, growing revenue, and innovating new products – they recognize that with growth comes increased customer engagement. With a platform in place to manage customer and franchisee relationships efficiently, and configuration options that put them in the driver’s seat, the Famous Brands team has the tools they need to handle future growth and success.

About Famous Brands International

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Famous Brands International owns and manages two category-defining brands: Mrs. Fields and TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt). The company markets and distributes its products such as cookies, frozen yogurt, brownies, chocolates and popcorn, through its franchising, gifting, and licensing business segments. The company’s gifting segment markets and distributes products through catalogs, e-commerce, and various retail channels, including 750 owned and franchised locations in 33 countries.