Sun-Rype stays competitive and delivers valuable insight with consumer case management from Astute.

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The Challenge

Meeting consumer expectations & differentiating on service

By the early 2000s, consumers had begun to demand more immediate access to brands when they had a question or concern. For CPG companies like Sun-Rype, this problem was exacerbated by the high level of competition in their industry, where every interaction matters for building brand loyalty.

Sun-Rype’s Consumer Services team recognized that their current tools couldn’t get the job done, so they began the search for the right consumer case management system. Not only did they need a solution that would fit their needs, they wanted a partner who could learn their business inside and out. After speaking with other CPG companies and trade organizations and comparing multiple vendors, they decided that Astute had the right case management CRM for them.

The Solution

Case management designed for consumer care teams

Sun-Rype implemented Astute’s CRM in 2003. Because Astute specializes in consumer care technology and has deep CPG expertise, Sun-Rype’s team was able to dramatically improve their case workflow and communication very quickly, enabling them to meet consumer expectations while also capturing valuable voice-of-customer (VOC) information.

A long-time customer, Sun-Rype has stayed current with Astute’s cloud-based CRM, most recently updating to the latest technology with a modernized interface Astute Agent™ (formerly ePowerCenter 9UX). The new, more intuitive interface allowed for better ease-of-use for the consumer care team, and made new team member training even simpler and quicker. From an administrator’s perspective, the new interface also made it easier to update and configure elements of the system as needed, without requiring help from IT or the support team at Astute.

“As long as your consumer care team is well-trained and have the right software, smaller consumer brands can deliver service that’s on-par with the giants. Not only do consumers expect the same (or better) experience from a smaller company, differentiating our service helps us influence what those consumers are going to buy when they’re at the grocery store.”
-Sandra Hofer, Consumer Services Manager

The Results

More efficiency, impact, and insights

Astute’s case management CRM allows all cases to be managed in a single interface, provides a simple and intuitive workflow, and delivers in-context guidance – all of which contribute to the Sun-Rype team’s ability to resolve the majority of cases correctly on the first contact.

Beyond improving efficiency, Sun-Rype has also improved communication to Quality Assurance. Armed with the consumer insights in Astute’s case management CRM, the Consumer Services team serves as the early indicator of any potential issues with packaging, products, and so on. They’re able to quickly communicate issues back to the Quality team so that corrective actions can be taken, if needed.

In addition to providing an early warning system for potential issues, Consumer Services is also empowered to gather and disseminate valuable VOC data and trends back to the organization. Because of their daily interactions with consumers, the Consumer Services’ insight is highly valued on internal teams ranging from packaging design to product development. And the wealth of data they collect also enables them to demonstrate the impact they make on consumer loyalty.

“Astute’s case management software helps with current issues, but it also informs decisions on larger issues and long-range planning because it helps us track the pulse of the consumer.”
-Sandra Hofer, Consumer Services Manager

About Sun-Rype

SunRype is a Canadian beverage and snack company based in Kelowna, BC, which is right in the heart of the lush Okanagan Valley. Since way back in 1946, Sun-Rype has been producing juices and fruit snacks made simply, so they taste great and are good for you, too.