The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory slices handling time by 20% with Astute’s CRM.

The Challenge

Restaurant renowned for most creative menu needed a most creative technology solution

The Cheesecake Factory needed a creative contact management system to meet its mission: creating an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is the highest priority. Celebrated for its expansive and creative menu, stellar service and industry-leading guest volume at its 200+ locations, the upscale casual dining concept sought a centralized solution for its Corporate Support Guest Services Team to easily resolve contacts, capture invaluable insights and support its front-line restaurant personnel in delivering the same magical, in-store experience its millions of guests expect.

The Solution

Astute Agent™ adds efficient guest service to the menu

Desiring a delivery experience to complement its guest experience goals, The Cheesecake Factory implemented Astute Agent™ (formerly ePowerCenter™). Guest service personnel access the software’s ESP panel for in-context guidance and centralized connectivity to menu, location and guest information. The integrated platform enables omni-channel engagement regardless of how guests choose to reach out, for faster resolution and when appropriate, goodwill fulfillment, while robust routing enables two-way communication between the team and restaurant management ensuring a positive, closed-loop service delivery. A highly configurable platform makes it easy to match workflows, add or change codes without expensive IT support to track and report on service and product metrics.

“Through Astute Agent we can offer a quick, appropriate solution when our guests have questions. Then, we get the chance to write a truly ‘memorable chapter’ of every guest experience story. We love to make our guests happy, and with Astute Agent, it’s easier for us to do.”
– Linda Candioty, Vice President of Guest Experience

The Results

Creating a memorable chapter of every guest experience story

The Cheesecake Factory slices handle time by 20%.

Serving up a platform of centralized data has enabled The Cheesecake Factory to more easily and accurately track customer contacts, provide personalized responses and delight their guests, while slicing their contact handle time by 20% and cutting the average days to close an issue in half. Guest Service personnel working from the single-point-of-contact system now enjoy a faster training experience. They’re able to access information needed to fulfill requests without lengthy search time, view complete customer histories, and capture interactions across channels for a complete audit trail of praise, opportunities or threats – invaluable data that leadership can use to more quickly identify actionable usage trends and other growth or course correction opportunities that help maintain the casual dining concept’s competitive edge.

“With changing times and changing guest needs, we’re glad Astute Solutions helps us maintain our competitive edge in delivering a great guest experience.”
– Juan Cortez, Guest Services Manager




About The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory created the upscale casual dining segment in 1978 with the introduction of its namesake concept. Today, the brand is a $2 billion global company and a long-standing leader in casual dining with 200+ full-service, casual dining restaurants throughout the U.S.A., Puerto Rico and Canada. Internationally, nearly 20 restaurants operate under licensing agreements.

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