Vera Bradley, Inc.

Efficient, accurate customer service with deeper insights and reporting capabilities – all in one bag.

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The Challenge

Capturing e-commerce insights

In 2014, Vera Bradley was using multiple systems: one for processing customer transactions and another for reporting. With this setup, they found that they were capturing little to no customer information, and began looking for a solution that would provide a window to more customer insights. Vera Bradley began looking for a single point of contact solution for its Customer Service Representatives, along with fast, efficient reporting capabilities to provide insight to all areas within the organization.

The Solution

Visibility & centralized reporting

Vera Bradley selected Astute Agent™ (formerly ePowerCenter™) for its CRM engagement solution to gain deeper insights about their consumer buying experience and help increase the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of its Customer Service Representatives. With Astute Agent, Vera Bradley can easily configure their data capture to quickly extract and analyze valuable ever-changing product information to accommodate evolving fashion trends. Astute also connected them with an Automatic Program Interface (API) for complete integration with Vera Bradley’s telephony system, retail locations and online purchases.

The CRM system gives Vera Bradley enterprise-wide access to view trends and emerging issues, with threshold reporting for automatic detection to provide 24/7 notification alerts to the right team.

“Regardless of our customers’ preferred experience channels – chat, email
or via phone – the CRM solution from Astute helps keep our Customer
Service Representatives connected to serve and delight quickly.”

– Susan Campbell, Director of Customer Experience, Vera Bradley

The Results

An integrated, panoptic view of the e-commerce buying experience

Utilizing Astute Agent provides one centralized location that captures all customer interactions – regardless of communication channel – for easier analysis and strategy internally. The new system provides newfound visibility at potential e-commerce buying obstacles, and the power to quickly alert partners should such issues arise. Where they previously were not capturing detailed customer information, Vera Bradley’s e-commerce team was now receiving quantifiable feedback, providing the opportunity to continually improve their customer experience. With Vera Bradley’s consistent innovation of new product lines, the CRM system gives them immediate access to actionable customer data about buying trends and customer experience feedback that is used to help the brand continue to connect and inspire women around the globe.

With the help of Astute Agent, Vera Bradley is connected to every touchpoint of the customer experience more than ever. The brand is also seeing more connectivity internally. With the in-depth reporting tool, their customer service team is now more efficient, with extensive productivity measurements such as customer satisfaction scores, quality of case captures, and agent productivity. Internal departments – such as quality, legal, product, marketing and risk, and sales – also stay connected to the most up-to-date customer and product information, ensuring everyone is on the same page and continuing to delight their customers.

“With Astute Agent, we’re better armed to share ‘Voice of the Customer’
information with our web experience team. We’re able to quantify, make
recommendations from feedback and provide information to the web
experience team to understand and share insights into buying obstacles.”

– Susan Campbell, Director of Customer Experience, Vera Bradley

About Vera Bradley, Inc.

Founded in 1982, Vera Bradley, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRA) has grown from two friends using a ping pong table as a work space into an internationally-recognized lifestyle brand of women’s bags, fragrances, travel items, and accessories known for inspiring women through its innovative designs, iconic patterns and brilliant colors.

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