Every interaction with a customer presents an opportunity to capture first-party data. Astute helps you collect useful, accurate customer data, turn it into insights, and take action to change your business. With powerful visualizations, dashboards, and the ability to drill down into the details, you gain a more informed perspective on customers’ true experience with your brand.

Turn data into insights, insights into action with Astute Analytics™. Here’s how:

First-party data

Collect relevant first-party data, flow it into your corporate data lake, and analyze with business intelligence tools.

Dashboards and visualizations

Generate charts and visualizations from a variety of data sources, combined to be seen and understood quickly.

Robust filtering and drill-down views

Stick with the big picture or drill down into the details, depending on your needs. Analyze, predict and normalize data across multiple parameters, uncovering previously hidden connections and insights.

Automatic report distribution

Saved reports can be scheduled and automatically distributed, providing relevant insights to management, QA, manufacturing, and other departments.


What makes Astute different?

Deep and wide.

With the Astute platform collecting first-party customer data across a broad range and large number of interactions, there are always new insights waiting to be discovered.

Combine, normalize, and correlate.

Astute Analytics lets you find correlations between data points that span brands, products, geographies and more.

Plug into your preferred business intelligence tool.

Whether you use Tableau, Power BI, or Business Objects, Astute Analytics gives you complete control over analysis.